Understanding Recycle and Waste Management Shredders

A shredder can be described as a machine or equipment that is used to shred. Shredding systems can be used to reduce the size or weight of materials. Although most online dictionaries refer to the shredder simply as “a device used to shred documents as a security measure against identity theft,” there are many types of shredders depending on the material.

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Shredders are designed to reduce material across a variety of recycling applications including plastic recycling and scrap metal as well as wood recycling and tire shredding.

The Consumer Shredder and the Industrial Shredder

Shredders can be classified based on their intended use: industrial shredders or consumer shredders. A paper shredder falls under the consumer shredder category, as it is primarily used by consumers.

Heavy-duty industrial shredders are used to process large quantities of recycling materials such as paper, plastic, wood and plastic. There are many types of industrial shredders, including single, double, triple, and quad shaft designs.

The Shredder’s Use in Waste Management

Industrial shredders are a key component of waste management. Material reduction is one of the benefits of mega-shredders at large-scale waste disposal centers recycling centers and municipal landfills. Material reduction is possible with asphalt, rubber, plastics, and other similar materials. They can quickly be reduced to a fraction of their original size. Shredded bio-degradable waste will also decompose faster. Properly shredding will make it take less space to bury materials in landfills.

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Recycling: Shredders

Businesses and communities are constantly looking for ways to cut costs in today’s economy. Shredders offer new strategic options. Shredding paper materials serves two primary purposes in the paper recycling process.

First, you can reduce the material’s volume by reducing storage and transportation costs. Automated shredders are a great option for recycling materials, especially if they are used in e-waste recycle. These equipment are available from many vendors. Depending on the application, there are many options.

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Potential buyers need to understand the following factors before making an investment:

  • Recycled items
  • Volume of throughput
  • Residual buyers’ requirements in terms of parameters such as particle size

A flat incline belt can be used to feed materials into the shredder. You can place the material on the belt using a variety of techniques, depending on what operation you are performing. This task requires the use of material handling equipment such as grappling devices and front-end loaders.

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The most popular shredding solution is slow speed units with high torque that slowly break down material. This minimizes problems like metal embedding in plastic.