Floor Expansion Joint – Usage and Functions

To absorb the strain an expansion joint is designed in such a way which is produced by high temperature and also cool air conditions for the development of the components. The design usually keeps the entire framework protective and secure from any damage.

Usage of the Floor Expansion Joint:

  • These expansion used in airport runways.
  • It used in taxi track.
  • These joints are also used for isolation joints to fill the unfilled area.
  • The floor expansion joint used in car parking area.
  • It is also used in the waterproofing
  • Interconnecting the different areas through bridges.
  • These joints used in the basement, toll plaza flooring surface, flyover, and

Functions of Floor Expansion Joint:

  • It has super pressure recovery, no less than 95% of the unique thickness.
  • It has the ability to resist the chemical
  • Because of the closed structure of the cell, it has extremely low water absorption.
  • It gives the verification of decay and resistant of micro-organisms.
  • Permits the weather cycle with the minimum load transfer to the structures.
  • It is easy to use. You can easily install it.
  • Stable in all weather (summer, winter as well as in monsoon).
  • Having the non-staining feature.