How To Be A Good Defense Attorney

To be the best defense attorney ST. Louis you need to keep in mind a lot of things at once. Professionalism, knowledge and personal involvement is always the key when it comes to being one of the best defense attorneys. Henceforth are some things you should keep in mind to be known as a good defense attorney:

  1. Talk to your client

Visit the jail and have a detailed talk with your client. You can’t defend someone you haven’t met or talked to before. Take notes of the information your client provides you. This will also help you know when they try to twist their story afterwards. Also, ask them of any witnesses who can help them justify the situation.

  1. Visit the crime scene as soon as possible

A defense attorney ST. Louis should perform its part in the investigation process and not just rely solely on the reports and evidences provided by the police. You never know when the police are involved or are helping the opponent. Make sure you visit the criminal site the same day of the crime , this will help you find more evidence. If you’re unable to visit the site yourself, then hire a personal investigator who can collect the required information for you.

  1. Talk to the witnesses

Don’t just finalize the witnesses police  inform you about. Visit the site and ask people in the nearby shops or apartments if they know what happened. Interview the witnesses and make them write the whole situation they told you, then make them sign it too. This will prevent them from twisting the story on the last moment.

  1. Ask Your Witness Questions

Present your witnesses in a logical order. Most probably a chronological order so that the story is built up in a manner that is easy to understand by everyone sitting in the courtroom. Ask your witness questions but try not to ask any questions you don’t know the answer to because this might break the flow and get you in trouble if the answer is somehow going against your client.

  1. Sum Up a Powerful Closing Argument

The closing argument is something that will either make you win or make you loose. So take your time in making your closing argument. Summarize the evidences and witnesses who are in your favor. Ask for plea to reduce your client’s charge if found guilty.