What “Food Bazaar” is Planning

What Food Bazaar is Planning for its Fairway-Replacing Red Hook Store

According to Red Hook Fairway’s executive vice president, although the Red Hook Fairway is gone, its spirit will be preserved in the new Food Bazaar.

Bogopa Enterprises (which owns Food Bazaar) made a deal to buy the bankrupt grocers’ locations in Red Hook, Queens. The purchase was made after the bankrupt grocer failed to sell at an auction earlier in the year. Edward Suh, executive Costco food court vice-president of Bogopa/Food Bazaar Supermarket says that the company hopes to continue Fairway’s 14 years in the waterfront area.

Suh said, “We’re honored that we’re a part of Red Hook.” He also stated that Food Bazaar will retain Fairway’s employees, and will include some of Fairway’s “signatures”, such as gourmet cheeses and in-house roasted coffee, and other specialty organic and premade items, into its selection.

Suh stated that Food Bazaar would bring its wide range of fresh meats, seafood, and other products to the table. He also said that Food Bazaar would be focusing on the needs of the community and bringing in diverse items from around the globe.

Suh referred to the company’s mission statement, “Feeding Your Way of Living”, and said that Food Bazaar is proud of its ability to embrace and celebrate all cultures. It also offers a wide variety of ethnic food items.

This means that if you buy a whole fish, we will skin it and steam it for you — no charge. Suh said that if you purchase an entire oxtail and you plan to take it to grandma, we will cut it into quarter-inch pieces for you. We pride ourselves in offering this type of service to our customers, and it will continue at our Red Hook location.”

Suh stated that Food Bazaar will stock Fairway’s signature foods, as well as the famous prepared foods like lobster rolls. This is an example of Fairway’s ability to personalize its service to each neighborhood it serves.

Suh says Bazaar opened its first Queens store in 1988. Bogopa, which has 26 locations in the Tri-State region, including six Brooklyn outposts — submitted a bid during a bankruptcy auction that took place in July.

Seven Seas, an operator who is a member of the Key Food Stores Cooperative and an operator, made a counter-offer to the firm. Seven Seas bought Fairway’s other Kings County location at the Georgetown strip mall, Ralph Avenue, for $5 million in March.

The warehouse supermarket at 480-500 Van Brunt St. will be open for renovations, but will close during the day. Suh stated that the store will look similar to the Bronx Terminal supermarket. It will feature polished concrete, energy-efficient containers, and more air circulation.