Secrets of the “Costco Food Court”

If you have, raise your hand if Costco food court has ever been to Costco just to see the food court. We’re sure many of us have and we shouldn’t be surprised. A $1.50 hotdog and soda combination or a slice of delicious and cheap pizza will beat any drive-thru meal. Depending on the availability of your local menu, you may even be able to satisfy your fast food cravings with a hamburger and fries. They have it all, whether you are looking for something greasy or a hearty vegetarian meal.

Despite how many times you have stopped by the warehouse, you don’t probably know the secrets and fun facts about Costco food court. How are those pizzas made so fast and perfectly every time? How much cheese and oil are Interior Design Business Cards used? (Spoiler Alert: A lot. What piece of kitchen equipment is rarely washed? How many hot dogs are sold each year? Let’s see.
Pizza making is extremely fast

The Costco food court can get crowded at peak times. It’s not unusual to wait in a queue of more than 10 people. Even the longest lines can move quickly due to the speed at which the pizzas are made.

You’d be amazed at how quickly a large blob of dough can be transformed into a pizza ready to be topped with all your favorite toppings. It does thanks to a dough squeezer and a pizza sauce turning table (yes, those are the technical terms). The pizza is ready for cheese and topping. Costco robots are not yet in operation. After six minutes of baking, the finished pie is ready to go to the conveyor belt oven.

The chicken bakes are better than the rest.

Costco food court sells Kirkland chicken bakes by box in its freezer section. This might surprise you. The chicken bakes at the food court are made from scratch every day.

Reddit user “…A former Costco employee said that frozen chicken bakes sold in the grocery store aren’t nearly as good as those made at Costco food court. The food court ones are superior in all aspects.

If you are really ambitious, you could follow the Redditor’s recipe and make your own pizza dough. The crust is coated with Caesar dressing and filled with precooked chicken breast, bacon bits and pizza cheese. Finally, the tube is rolled and pinched at both ends. After brushing the exterior with more dressing, sprinkled with cheese and baked for six minutes at 600°F.