Centre to Open “Round 1 Entertainment“

It’s been nearly four years since Sport Chalet closed all its operations and shut down its stores across the country. However, this weekend will see a significant change in the Burbank Town Centre. Round 1 Entertainment Bowling & Amusement will open its doors at 10 a.m. Saturday. It is a Japanese-based entertainment company similar to Dave & Buster’s.

Round 1 Entertainment, like its competitor, serves entertainment

There are food and drinks available as well as a selection of arcade games people can play in order to win prizes. The chain offers a lot more, with Burbank residents able to find a bowling alley and billiard tables, as well as private karaoke rooms.

Shane Kaji (chief operating officer of Round 1 Entertainment), stated that “Burbank Town Centre provides the perfect demographic to Round 1.” We’ve had such a positive response to our concept that this is our third location in greater Los Angeles.

Michael de Leon, Burbank Town Centre general manager, stated that he and the public had been anticipating the opening of Round 1 Entertainment ever since January 2019, when it was announced that the chain would take over the 43,355-square foot space left empty by Sport Chalet’s closure.

The Town Center has transformed from a traditional shopping center to a place for people with entertainment and dining options over the past four years.

On the Magnolia Boulevard side, a new outdoor escalator was constructed that leads to a third-floor dining terrace. The food court was also moved to the first floor.

De Leon stated that Round 1 Entertainment is a good fit for what he and his mall owner are looking to do with the property.

He said that the Burbank Town Centre has made significant strides to make it a hybrid shopping centre, with retail shops and hard goods. “We are making great strides in adding entertainment to it, which is sure to lend itself to being a tool for keeping the Burbank Town Centre alive.”

Round 1 Entertainment might be the newest kid on the block but the Burbank Town Center’s entertainment facility, the All Amusement Fun Center, has been around for 26 years.

The arcade, owned and operated in La Canada by Jim Rowton, was moved from the ground floor to third level of the mall. It has been a favorite place for families for decades.

Although Round 1 might seem like it is a direct competitor for the All Amusement Fun Center’s, Rowton stated that the two entities are distinct. His business is focused on creating an environment that is family-friendly for children and their new neighbors cater to older people.

He said that “their business model is significantly different from ours in the fact they rely upon food and beverages sales which includes alcohol.”

Rowton also stated that Round 1 Entertainment will draw more people into the mall, which increases its chances of attracting new customers.

He said, “We knew for a while that they would open this location, and now it’s upon me, I’m glad that it’s here.” We will be helped by anything that brings people to the mall.

The novel coronavirus epidemic could put an end to opening-day celebrations

  • De Leon stated that he and the Burbank Town Centre retailers are aware of the situation, and know that the business will be affected.
  • The mall’s general manager is optimistic that Round 1 will be able to pass the health issues with his tenants.
  • De Leon stated, “We just need to get through the wave.” “This will pass, and we’ll get through it,” de Leon said.
  • Officials at Burbank Town Centre announced Wednesday that they have added two new restaurants to their portfolio.
  • Panini Kabob Grill will open on March 18th, while Han Korean BBQ will open in late 2020.

Round One Entertainment Opens

Round One Entertainment, an arcade and bowling alley, opened its new Towson Town Center location early last month. It features bowling lanes and karaoke as well as arcade machines, billiards and a full bar.

Spencer Franklin, a 28-year-old arcade enthusiast and visitor to the new venue, said that Towson Town Center was a great location for an FEC (Family Entertainment Center). They’ll draw a lot of people and, if they play their cards well, they’ll be able to keep one.

There are many sounds that can be heard depending on where you enter the facility. These include the sound of pool balls crackling, guests eating and the sound of bowling balls hitting pins. Visitors are also greeted by flashing lights and thumping music on the other side.

General manager Mike McGrath said that Round One is “just everything in one”. “You don’t have to travel far to find something to do.”

Round One, a Japanese-owned arcade chain has experienced a steady growth across the United States. It is comparable to the rapid expansion of Dave and Buster’s stores in the Baltimore area.

Round One offers a range of arcade games and concession-style food options. Round One is Japanese-owned and offers many game options, including niche arcade titles.

Dakota Heinle (27), a Baltimore resident and arcade fan, recently visited Round One. She enjoys the “rhythm games” along with the bowling and other puzzles offered. Heinle has collected plush cats he won as prizes in crane games.

Heinle stated that he enjoys introducing co-workers and friends to new games

Franklin does not have a specific game in mind for the tickets at the new entertainment venue. He rather chooses to take a chance on the many game options.

Franklin stated, “Some games depend on luck while others rely upon skill. So take your chance – maybe you’ll be lucky.”

You can visit the location from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m. every day, except major holidays. There are 14 bowling lanes, six billiard tables and two private karaoke areas. The arcade also has over 250 machines. You can also spend your earned tickets in the prize shop.

McGrath stated that “We have families here during the day. It’s a good spot for kids to come out especially in high school. Just come out have somewhere they can be.” “When the bar opens I think we’ll have an even larger contribution just for college students to go and have some fun.

Round One boasts a combination restaurant and bar near its main entrance. You can find traditional bar food such as pizza, wings platters, and burgers on the menu. The bar at the venue is still waiting for their liquor license.

McGrath claims that the new venue will offer all-inclusive parties to groups of 10 or more, starting in February or March.

McGrath stated that the unlimited access to the karaoke, bowling, and game play will be available. It’s unlimited food so it’s pretty much all-inclusive. You have access for two to three hours and it’s only one price.