Layoffs at “Endless Entertainment“

Endless Entertainment, a US developer, has fired a few employees from two studios. GamaSutra has learned that seven employees were affected in the New York and Oakland divisions. Some were there for less than one year.

Endless Entertainment is most well-known for Series: Your Story Universe. This interactive fiction mobile game features stories from several NBCUniversal properties including Law & Order and Saved By The Bell.

The studio stated in a statement that the layoffs were a result of changes in its processes and not individuals.

Michael Fox, CEO of Endless, stated that “Today Endless said goodbye to seven talented employees and wonderful people.” The change did not affect their work performance. It is simply a sad reality of our current development cycle.

“We would love the opportunity to work with them all again in the future. We are trying our best to find them new jobs as soon as we can.”

There are Endless Entertainment options on the internet

Consumers have been searching for entertainment options for years. After the COVID-19 pandemic, people discovered that their entertainment options had been severely reduced. People were unable to go to their favorite theater anymore, making it difficult to find a restaurant. Although your options may be limited, there are still many. People can access the Internet to find a few entertainment options. The Internet offers thousands of options, including the possibility to play PG Slots. This guide will provide information about the Internet and its many entertainment options.

Open the Door Endless Entertainment

You must first look at the Internet to understand how it works. The world wide web is a whole new world. You can connect to the Internet and make friends, watch TV online, and much more. There are many options. You can have endless entertainment options because the Internet allows you to connect with people all over the globe. The Internet can also be used for practical purposes such as shopping, communicating and working.

It doesn’t matter what, all you need is an Internet connection to access a variety of entertainment options.

Entertainment Options

The Internet can provide entertainment in many forms. After you log in, you can listen to music and play games. Many of these activities are also free.

Playing games

First, it is important to know that you can use the Internet to play games. Once you have internet access, you can play a few games. You can also play League of Legends and Minecraft. There are so many options. You can play tons of games online without having to pay. You only need a computer and Internet access. These things will allow you to play your favorite games as long as it takes. People playing online games have been given more attention by the pandemic.

Listening To Music

You’ll be able to stop playing video games and switch to music. There are many websites that provide music for free on the Internet. YouTube, Spotify and other websites offer music for free. These services let you listen to your favorite music instantly. You might even be able listen to these songs free of charge. Access to local radio stations via the internet will also be possible. You can also listen to sports and news as well as political chats. Listening to music online can be a great way to keep busy if you are bored.

Online Television

Most people today get their entertainment online. Many people watch movies and television online. The Internet allows you to view live TV, on-demand content, as well as amateur videos. There are many other options. Sign up to create an account on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. Live streaming services like Sling TV are also available. An Internet connection is essential if you are a Hollywood fan. It can be used to access the most recent movies and TV shows at any time.

Relax and enjoy a good time. To start a watch-party, you can use the Internet to share your favorite movies with others around the globe. This multi-site platform allows you to easily find your online movie.

Communication Endless Entertainment

You should also know that you can use the internet to communicate with family and friends. The internet is a great way to communicate with strangers. People are staying inside due to the COVID-19 epidemic. They are afraid to get out and meet new people. They are now looking for other ways to communicate. The Internet is a great option. You can communicate with family and friends via the Internet using audio and video platforms.

During the ongoing pandemic, it is easier and safer than ever to communicate with loved ones via the internet. To stay connected with loved ones, you can use many websites including Facebook. There are many entertainment options on the Internet, and it is worth chatting with those you love.

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