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7 Local SEO Mistakes You Make And How To Avoid Them

Despite local SEO practices being used and employed by SEO companies Virginia for more than a decade now, there are still mistakes being made by companies. While some mistakes can easily be remedied, it is always best to do your best to avoid them at all cost. The fact is, you will never know when and what small SEO mistake can cause the demise of a local business.

Here are the 7 most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Forgetting To Claim The Google My Business Page

It is all too common for local businesses to forget the “Google My Business Page”. As soon as you have established your website claim the page because it will increase your ranking and verify your business with Google as legitimate. If it is left unclaimed, just about anyone can edit the page which can ruin your entire business.

2. Duplicate Listings

If you are working with credited SEO Companies Virginia based experts, inform them about a duplicate business listing because Google despises these duplicates. It is a waste of time for users and resources for Google. Delete the duplicate as soon as possible.

3. The Lack Of Contact Information On The Website

Don’t forget to include all the necessary contact details on your website. Everything from your address, your email, your phone number, and operating hours should be found on the website in text and not in an image. Google will find it easier to verify the details which will add to your credibility as a local business.

4. Inaccurate Contact Information

What is worse than not having contact information is posting the wrong information. As soon as Google detects inaccuracy with the NAP (name, address, and phone number) details your website will rank lower in the search results. If there are any changes in details, make sure to update your website as soon as possible!

5. No Local Reviews

A genuine review for a past client posted on the “My Business” page on Google will boost your ranking significantly. Without any local reviews present, your business will not attract the attention of new customers and Google ranking which will affect your entire business in the long run.

6. Forgoing Social Media

Even if you are an old-school small business owner you cannot deny the importance of social media. Your small business should have at least one social media account that is active to earn a better business ranking. Get someone to run the accounts if you are having trouble managing them yourself.

7. Forgetting To Go Mobile-Friendly

A website that is not mobile-friendly isn’t effective anymore. Google will rank your website lower than others if it cannot adapt to mobile users. It is a small investment that will return in no time when more and more users visit your website.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

It is easy to commit these mistakes when you are new to the world of SEO marketing, but they should be remedied once detected. Stop being complacent and start taking local SEO practices seriously. Without SEO marketing the chances of success in today’s competitive market are very low.
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