Most Popular Festivals in Rome

Rome is a popular tourist destination visited by millions of tourists each year. Besides the unique historical attractions, visitors also come here for the entertaining events and festivals. If Rome is your next holiday destination, you would want to know which are the most popular festivals in Rome and how to get there.

The most comfortable and fast way to get from the airport to the hotel and then to these amazing festivals is by taxi. There is a flat fare for a trip from the airport to the center of Rome, so if the driver wants to start the meter tell him that you know about the fixed rate. The fare for Rome airport taxi is around €40.

Most important festivals in Rome

  1. Pasqua

Pasqua or Easter is a major Catholic holiday in Rome. During this holiday all the famous monuments in the city are decorated with flowers. So if you visit the city during this period of the year, St. peter’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps and many other monuments will be covered in beautifully colored flowers.

  1. Estate Romana

This festival takes place in June and it during this celebration Rome hosts concerts, music shows, film events, concerts and many performance shows. Most of these performances are held outdoors, so visitors can enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Many of the events are free and last until late into the night.

  1. Culture Festival

For one week in spring, tourists have access to the historical and cultural heritage of the city, as most of the museums in Rome open their doors to visitors for free. And an entire week to visit any museums you want and listen to the numerous music artists that perform at this event.

  1. Notte Bianca

Note Bianca takes place at the beginning of September and brings together various shows, performances, games, celebrations, stalls and sporting events that bring the city to life. During this event the city is closed to traffic and numerous cultural centers, shops, museums and galleries are open late into the night.

  1. Noantri Festival

This celebration of Christianity takes place at the end of July. The focus point of the Noantri Festival is the procession which brings the Vergine del Carmine to San Crisogno from the Vergine del Carmine.

These are only five of the variety of holidays and festivals that make Rome a vibrant city and the main attraction for tourists from all over the world.

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