Looking For A Moving Storage Company? Here Are Some Handy Tips To Keep The Cost Down

It is no secret that moving out is stressful or expensive. Many people either choose to do the hard work and save money or to relax and spend for some help during the move. What if being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to do all the heavy lifting? It may sound like an impossible dream but when you look for Affordable moving storage company options and add your willingness to do some of the work yourself, you can successfully move out without doing too much work or spending too much.

Yes, you can have the best of both world and these tips can help you achieve a not so stressful and expensive moving out experience.

Tip 1: Save On Boxes

When you have to move your entire house you will need more than a few boxes which can get really expensive if you have to buy them brand new. Get creative and look for boxes in places where you don’t have to pay much or even get them for free. Here are suggestions on where you can look:

Crowdsource it. Go on social media and ask friends and acquaintances if they can give you their used boxes for free.

Watch out for recycling day. As they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As long as they’re clean and usable you can always pick up used boxes about to be thrown away.

Empty boxes from your workplace are also great. Just be sure to ask a supervisor if they’re okay with you taking the boxes first.

Tip 2: Schedule Your Move Wisely

People who book their move early are usually offered a discount, but this isn’t the only way to drive the costs down. If you can, choose to move during off-peak seasons. Many affordable moving storage company options give lower rates during seasons where the demands are also low. Also, try of avoid moving on holidays and weekends, this is the time when prices skyrocket.

Tip 3: Pack Your Belongings Yourself

If you can, ask friends and family to help you pack up your home. Offer them food and refreshments as “payment” and you can significantly cut down the costs by reducing labor provided by professional movers.

Tip 4: Don’t Move Everything

It is tempting to move all your things cross-country, but sometimes that’s just not practical at all. Try doing a yard sale before your move to get rid of some of the things you own. The lighter and lesser you bring the cheaper the costs become. The money you earn during your yard sale can be used to fund the cost of hiring movers or to buy new things for your new home. Either way getting rid of some of your old stuff gives you a bigger budget to work with.

These little things combined together can greatly reduce the cost of moving out. There are countless affordable moving storage company options available online if you know where to look. Start your search today to increase savings and lessen the stress.
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