Car Rental vs. Taxis – Which is the Best Option?

When you plan a holiday, especially abroad, you also have to think how you will get around once you get there. Whether it is by public transportation, taxi or car rent, you have to balance out the pros and cons of each option. The rental car seems to be the most comfortable and fast option, offering you the freedom to travel and do whatever you want, but sometimes a taxi might be a better idea.


To make up your mind much faster, there are some questions that will help in this matter. If you know the answers, you will also know which option is best for your needs.

Where are you travelling?

If you holiday in a highly concentrated area such as Paris or New York, the best option for you is to take a taxi which you will need only to get from the airport to the hotel and back. Most places are within walking distance, so there’s no point in renting a car. But if the city is spread out, then the best would be to rent a car.

Do you enjoy driving in a foreign country?

If you are nervous about driving in foreign cities or big metropolis, a taxi is an excellent solution. But if your only fear is that you will not be able to get around, consider that most rentals come with navigation systems.

Will you be in a hurry?

Car rental gives you the freedom to travel on your terms. On the other hand, it can take some time to hail a taxi in a busy city or a busy time such as weekends and holidays.

Are you traveling with your family or alone?

It is essential for you to rent a car if you are going with small children, especially if you need child seats. There is also a lot of luggage to carry, toys and other items that you need for your vacation.

Do you have a budget limit?

Renting a car means you can check on various car rental websites such as airportscarhire.com and see exactly how much you’ll be paying for a particular period. On the other hand, the cost of the taxi can fluctuate due to unexpected trips, driver tips or traffic jams.

Do your homework and analyze the pros and cons before you travel and see which transportation option fits you.